Mini-Session Prep

Mini-sessions are perfect for an updated family photo and a portrait or two of your kiddos. Prior to the session, please fill out this questionnaire and agreement.  

Mini-Session Questionnaire and Agreement

Location: Mini-Sessions are always held at the studio (unless I am running an outdoor special!) The studio is located at 2908 W Fullerton, Suite 203 Chicago, IL 60647.  You can find parking and transportation information at this link:  Studio Location

Illness: Please do cancel your session if you or anyone in your family is not feeling well.  We will find an alternative date or I will refund your session payment.

Mini-sessions are quick, about 20-30 minutes.  It is important to not be late to the session, we will need all of that time to create beautiful photos! Please plan for one outfit and check out my clothing suggestions here.

Information about Packages and Cost:

Mini-sessions are held at the studio and scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays.  The fee is $260.  Click here to pay for your session.    

The fee includes the session time and online delivery of the final, edited proofs in both color and black and white. Hi-resolution digital files are included.

How to prepare your family for photos!

Talk with your kids about the session in the days leading up to it.  Get your toddler involved by letting them help pick out the clothes they will wear. You might want them to wear the super itchy wool sweater and he wants to wear his batman shirt. Your options are a crying kid in a wool sweater or a smiling kid in his batman shirt. To avoid this situation, pick the ideal outfit a few days before the session, hang it in the closet and talk about it every morning as you get ready for work or school. Point to it and say something like 'Oh my gosh! Only one more day and you get to wear that red sweater!'

For really little ones, do not put them in the picture clothes until you arrive at the studio or location. Arrive a few minutes early and swap the drool filled outfit for the picture outfit right before the session.

Talk to your kids about the location of the session. If your session is at the studio, you can talk about new toys to play with and the train right outside (the blue line track runs right by the studio!) If the session is at Montrose Beach, let them know that they get to kick off their shoes and run in the sand. Choosing a location that is special to your child can help get them excited for the day.

Keep in mind that meeting a new person with a big camera can be a little scary for a toddler. On the days leading up to the session, talk about me. Tell them that in a few days, they will meet Ms. Jennifer and that the family is going to play at a park or at the studio and Ms. Jennifer will take photos. Show them pictures of cameras online or find some wacky photographer video on YouTube. Show them photos and tell them that this is what I am going to take at the session. Many of my toddler clients get so excited when I open the door at the studio, they remember the location and know that we are going to have a good time!

Sometimes adults don't want to do the photos either. You might be rushing to the location from work or Dad could think of a million other things to do on a Saturday. Try to keep in mind that your kids can definitely feel that stress and react to it during the session. If your session is on a work day, try to take a little more time off so that you can do something special after the session. While we are capturing those beautiful family moments, you might get a little sentimental - I mean, come on, you have a perfect family!

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