Newborn Session Prep

What an exciting time in your life!  Newborn sessions are so special because we get to capture all of that perfect newness.  The newborn window of opportunity is short so it is important to contact me right after you return home to set up a date and time for the session.  Newborn sessions are typically scheduled on weekdays, in the morning.

Please fill out the questionnaire and agreement found here: Questionnaire

You have two options for the location.  I have a warm and inviting studio full of baskets, soft blankets, pillows and wraps.  The studio has a wall of windows that provides a nice soft light, perfect for baby skin!   I can also bring a condensed version of the studio to your home for a session that not only captures the newborn portraits but the baby details in your home like the nursery.  You can decide at any time what location you prefer.

Information about the studio location and parking can be found at this link.  Studio Parking

After the session location is set there is very little you need to do to prepare for the session.  Most newborn portraits are photographed with the baby wearing little more then a diaper.  Please feel free to bring special heirloom items like quilts or monogramed clothing.  

If a big brother or sister will be included in the session, it is a good idea to let them 'practice' holding the baby.  Most sibling poses include the older child laying down with an arm around the baby.  Let the toddler kiss the baby and get comfortable.  Allowing the baby and toddler to bond will also give you a good idea of the level of cooperation from the older sibling.

If the session will be in your home, about one hour before I arrive, I recommend turning up your heat (or turning off the air conditioning)  The baby will be in delicate wraps and is used to being very warm so the ideal temperature is at least 80 degrees.  If the session is at the studio, please make sure to wear layers so that you can change to a t-shirt during the portraits of the baby alone.

My style for newborn sessions is to use soft light, neutral backgrounds and earth tone blankets, wraps and headbands.  I allow the baby to lead the poses and use wraps to accentuate the uniqueness of the newborn.  My favorite images capture the special way that a newborn positions her hands or scrunch up their legs.  Capturing the fleeting poses that quickly change as the baby grows.

The photographs will be delivered within two weeks of the session date.  

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