What to Expect During the Session

You arrive on time, the outfits are on, you did your part, now it is my job to make sure we capture great pictures.  

The first few minutes of the session, we will get to know each other a bit and talk about the goals for the day.  Do you really want a spectacular photo with the skyline in the background?  Does your little girl have a tutu she really wants to wear at the end?  Outfit changes for Mom?  

After we go over the goals, we start the photos!  I typically start with a family photo first, just so the kiddos have Mom and Dad close and they can get comfortable.  From there, we will do lots of different combinations: Family, kids with Mom, kids with Dad, kids alone, kids together.  We will also hit a lot of different backgrounds.  There will be a little bit of walking (if we are outdoors) and possibly some dirt (it happens) but we will work through it.  Also, your kids will misbehave.  I guarantee it.  Don't stress.  I only need 1/200th of a second to capture a smile before the crying begins.  You will be surprised by how many great expressions we captured when you receive the photos!

Also - just an FYI - I spend a lot of time talking with your kids and to you.  I like to have a conversation going to keep the kids at ease.  We will talk about school, friends, fun activities they like to do, tv shows and movies, anything to get them to warm up to me.  I also have a few tricks to get toddlers to smile (get them to say 'NO' - they love that word!) and goofy sounds and faces for babies.  I do not wear anything goofy or bring along any of my own props to get them to smile.  I find that each child is so different that it is best to use any toys you bring from home instead of a hand puppet.

As we get close to the end of the session, we will recap the goals to make sure we hit all of them and try to squeeze a few more smiles out of the little ones.

Payment for the session is made at the time of the session by check, cash or credit.

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