Choose a Photo Location

The location of your photo session can add a lot of meaning and fun to your portraits.  The images will be centered on you but the background can add color, texture, character and light to the photographs.  The location can also excite family members for the session.  Toddlers love to hear that a visit to Lincoln Park not only includes a fun photo session but a trip to the zoo.  The sports lover's ears might perk up if they hear that their engagement session will include a shot in front of Wrigley field.  Chicago and the surrounding suburbs offer limitless options for great backgrounds.  In general, there are three options for the look of the background:

Natural:  If you are drawn to photographs with backgrounds of tall grasses and large green leafy trees, a natural background is the best option for your photo location.  An open field or forest area is also great to capture children running and exploring.   Keep in mind, the time of day is very important when choosing a natural background.  It is best to schedule the session really early in the morning or late afternoon to capture beautiful sunlight.

Neutral:  If you like clean photos with off white backgrounds, exposed brick, soft light and comfy  couches, the studio is the way to go.  The studio is also idea for portraits that include kiddos that are not yet sitting up or are not yet comfortable with the great outdoors (grass can really freak out a 9 month old!)

Urban: We live in a beautiful city and I love incorporating the powerful skyline, the colorful street art and the vibrant neighborhoods into portrait sessions.  Urban doesn't have to mean downtown, if you live in a neighborhood that is special to you, we can explore the shops and alleyways during your portrait session.

My favorite locations include a combination of natural and urban backgrounds.  Click on the location links for example sessions.  Montrose Beach is a perfect spot for photos by the water but also a great skyline shot.  Lincoln Park Zoo has color flowers and native grasses surrounding the South Pond but also includes the iconic Chicago skyline shot and classic brick buildings.  Humboldt Park is my favorite with prairie style architecture, tall flowing grasses, a flower garden, lagoon, bridges and hilltop skyline view.

I have many examples of backgrounds so please ask if you would like to see one of the backgrounds described above!

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