Sunday, July 14th - Humboldt Park Mini-Sessions

Before the session, fill out a questionnaire and agreement found at this link: Mini-Session Questionnaire

Arrive on time or a tad bit early.  If you are driving, you will find parking along the inner drive of the park, near the corner of Luis Munoz Marin Dr and Division Street between Sacramento and Kedzie.  

Here is a map.  My number is 773-991-7369 call or text any time that day.

Read below for tips on clothing.

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Mini-sessions are just like portrait sessions, just FAST!  The session is 20 minutes and is designed to capture a great portrait of your kiddo and a family photograph. 

What should you wear?  Choose one outfit that is weather appropriate.  I can not stress this enough.  We want your kiddos to be comfortable and smiling!  It will be a high of 50 degrees on Saturday.  The temp is definitely tolerable but only if everyone is dressed for it.  Dress in layers, add leggings underneath pants, any kiddo under a year should have a onesie on underneath to keep that belly warm!  The layers aren't just for warmth but add a lot to the photo.  Kids in mittens and a scarf is a cute touch for the candid photos and you can shed layers for more formal family poses.  Choose clothing that speaks to your style and personality.  I suggest choosing a loose color scheme of 2 or 3 colors.  This will help your clothing to look coordinated but not 'matchy.'  I love when clients have a 'pop' of color to their outfits like a bright necklace or scarf.  

Match colors, not patterns.  One family member can wear a pattern while the others match with layers in colors from the pattern.  Keep the clothing styles similar.  For example, if Mom is wearing a formal dress, Dad should not be wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  Also, definitely accessorize and layer clothing.  Jewelry, scarves and colorful shoes can really add personality and character to your portraits.  Here are examples of families that rocked their sessions with outfits that look great together.  

  • 7-19-15-Brewer_T6C2481
  • 06-14-15-Toenjes_T6C2522
  • 06-27-15-McManus_T6C0784
  • 06-28-15-Worthington_MG_6546
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