When do I get to see the photos?

And why does it take so long?  

You will receive a link to the photographs within two weeks of the session date.  The link will arrive by email to the email address listed on the questionnaire you filled out before the session.  

The link will take you to a gallery that will require a password.  After you enter the password, you will see all of the final images in both color and black and white.  You can share the link with anyone you like!

It takes up to two weeks to deliver the photos because the images will require a fair amount of post production.  I photograph all sessions with professional equipment and at the highest possible image capture size.  The process requires color correction, editing and then there is the upload time!  If you need one or two photos for a birthday party or holiday card before the delivery date, just ask.  I can likely accommodate the request.

Mini-session edits take less time to deliver because there are less photos.  Expect your mini-session gallery within 5 days.

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