What to Wear

I am definitely not a fashion guru (luckily, I have an 8 year old that is) but I do have some advice that will help you decide what is best for you on picture day.

The studio is very neutral. That means all genres of clothing from formal to pj’s can look great in the space. The backgrounds work with all color combinations.

The most important thing about what you choose to wear is to choose something that is comfortable and pairs well with the style that the rest of the family is in.

If you pick up a new outfit for the little ones, let them try on the outfit to make sure it fits well and it is not itchy.

If the location for the session is outdoors, check the weather report to make sure the outfits you will be wearing fits with the weather.

If you are at the studio, keep in mind that many of the photo areas at the studio incorporate couches so super short skirts are not the best or little girl dresses with a ton of 'poof' (basically, every dress my daughter loves) If you have any doubt, try on the outfit and sit on your couch and check out what the outfit does with a mirror.

Stick with the same style of clothing. For example, if Dad is wearing a 3 piece suit, Mom should probably not wear faded jeans and tennis shoes. If the location is urban and edgy, overalls may not be the best choice. You get it. Think about all articles of clothing. White socks may not work with Dad's dark dress pants. Wear a belt if a shirt is tucked in. The portraits will be a combination of both full length and close up so it is possible that I might capture those mismatched socks.

Newborn sessions are unique because newborn skin is sensitive to textures and color. Sessions at the studio are bright and airy and I wrap the baby in soft cotton wraps. It is best for parents and siblings as well as the baby to wear light colors, something as simple as a white t-shirt and jeans can look perfect against newborn baby skin. I provide all of the blankets and wraps for the newborn but please do bring along any important family heirloom or a cute stuffie, anything that is special to your family that you would like to incorporate into the portraits.

Color, texture and patterns! I do not like to limit the creativity that color, pattern and texture can add to a photo so I will give some basic advice.

Color: Work with the same color scheme. If you love a light colored sweater, have the family coordinate with pastels and light colors. Maybe your kiddo has a bold red sweater that he loves to wear (and is super cute), pick other primary colors to coordinate your outfit.

Pattern: I love it when my clients incorporate patterns into their look. The best way to achieve this is to keep together the color scheme. For example, you are wearing a dark blue shirt, someone in your family can wear a gingham blue shirt underneath a sweater. Another great way to incorporate patterns into your outfits is to use a scarf or incorporate a bow or headband with a pattern.

Texture: I think conflicting textures can add depth to your portraits. Maybe Mom wears a silk shirt and the little one wears a cotton or wool sweater.

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