Hooray! The professional photo date is on the calendar! Between now and then, lots of questions will come up.  Clothing, location info, when do the photos deliver? etc. You can find all of those questions answered with the info below. Always feel free to email any questions or call (office hours, Wed/Friday 9:30-3:30pm)


The studio is located at 2908 W Fullerton, Suite 203.  You can find a map with transit and parking info here.

The photo session will take about 20-30 minutes.  We will use two different backgrounds.  If you have any specific requests (based on the Portfolio link above), let me know before the session.  There will be two different 'looks'  one with natural light and a brick or shiplap background.  The other will be a solid colored background using studio lights.  The two different looks give you a lot of options for final use for the portraits.

Clothing is always a challenge!  I have a few tips for you but feel free to send me photos or ideas by email or text at 773-991-7369.

The standard black or blue suit is no longer necessary for every industry professional portrait and unique clothing can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for a new job.  You know best what is most suitable for your industry but I encourage you to wear clothing that helps to communicate your personality and style.

Here are some general tips:

Solids work better then patterns - this does not mean to cut patterns out completely.  Patterns work best when worn under a layer or incorporated through accessories like a scarf or a pocket square.  Stay away from clothing that has writing or a logo.

Avoid shiny, reflective materials.

Stay away from stark white, unless under a jacket or cardigan or sweater


All portrait sessions are delivered in 7  days unless otherwise discussed. If you need a few photos right away, let me know at the session and can most likely accommodate!

You will receive an email with a link to a personal online gallery that is password protected. The gallery will contain 5+ portraits.

As soon as you receive the gallery, the photos will be accessible for download and print. For detailed instructions, please take a look at the directions below. If you have any questions or run into any problems, contact me by email or phone any time.

Download Individual Photographs

Download the Entire Gallery

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