Wedding & Engagement Photography Delivery Guide

I am  so excited to share your wedding photographs with you!

Your photographs will deliver 2 weeks after your wedding.   If you need a few photos right away, let me know and can most likely accommodate!  If you agreed to the model release in the wedding contract, you will see a few on social media immediately after the wedding! 

In 2 weeks, you will receive an email with a link to a personal online event folder.  The folder will be password protected.  I will use one client last name for the password.  You can request a change to this at any time.  

The folder will contain galleries organized by events at the wedding.  The first gallery will be a curated slideshow with my favorite photos from the day, usually around 200 images.  The slideshow is a great way to share your wedding photos with friends and family without unleashing all of the photos from the day.

The other galleries will be 'preparation' 'ceremony' 'couple & bridal party' 'family' 'reception'

You will find all of the final photos organized in these galleries.  You will see that the photos that I edited to be black and white will also appear in these galleries as color photos.

You can choose favorite images for your album by click on the 'heart' icon.  More on that later.

First.  You are going to want to share the images with friends.  You can do this in a million different ways electronically.  If you need any help, contact me with the device and I can send you individualized instructions.

You can download the hi-resolution photos to share electronically or to print.  The instructions are below.

Download Individual Photographs

Hi-resolution jpeg files are included in your wedding photo contract.  You have up to 1 year to download the files for your own archive.  Instructions are below.  If you do not download the hi-resolution jpeg files within a year, contact me directly for the files.  I can guarantee that I will have them available for up to 10 years after your wedding date (accessing the archive may incur a fee.)

Download the Entire Gallery

Order Professional Prints and Products

Last thing.  The album!  The most wonderful and beautiful album that will be one of your first and favorite family items forever!  I love wedding albums, obviously.  Lets get yours going!  Here are detailed instructions.

Design Your Album and learn more about parent albums

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