Wedding clients are set to go with an events page, so skip down to the first step below.  Family and Portrait clients will need to email me ( to receive this gallery.  Then you can proceed with the album design process!

Step 1:

As you browse through your galleries, you can choose favorite photographs by clicking on the 'heart' icon.  Choose up to 60 photos.

Each album contains roughly 60 photographs per 20 pages. 

If you choose more then 60 photographs, I can make selects from your favorites or you can add pages to your album.  

Design-wise, think of a story.  Each spread (2 pages, when open and laid flat)  should be filled with the same event.  For example, all of the photographs from the bride preparation will be on the same spread.  So, roughly 6 images from a particular event should be chosen. Think:

Groom: 1 spread

bride: 1 spread

ceremony: 2 spreads

family photos: 1 spread

bridal portraits, wedding party pics: 3 spreads

reception: 2 spreads                           

Stick to one or two images from a setting.  

And if all else fails, choose every photo your heart desires and I can narrow them down for you :)

For Family session albums, I also like to have the photographs organized by series or background.

"Heart" the image to select it for your album.  See the image example below.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

STEP 2: After choosing your favorites, you can view your selections by returning to your folder and clicking on the icon that appears at the top right corner of the page.   You can make edits to your 'Favorites' folder here.

Untitled photo

STEP 3:  Send me an email at letting me know that you have completed your selections.  If you have more then 60 favorites, please note in your email if you would like to add pages to your album or if you would like me to make the final selections to fit into 20 pages.  

Wedding Clients receive a 10x10 album with a linen cover with their wedding contract.  Parent albums and Family albums are priced below.

Size & Cost:

8x8 - $200

10x10 - $300 

12x12 - $400

(to upgrade your wedding photography package 10x10 album, the cost is $100)

 Albums are 10 spreads (20 pages) and additional spreads are available for every size.  The cost is $30/per spread

The first draft of the album will include an example of a cover design for your album.  If you like the photograph and text, great!  Please send along the image number of your favorite image to have on the cover.  If you would prefer not to have a photo and/or text, just let me know.  

The standard album material is linen.  You can view your options here.

If you would like to upgrade your album to a leather cover, the cost is $200.  Here is a link to the leather color options.

Send all that info my way and I will design and send you an example album, based on your specifications, within two weeks of making the selections.

Once the design is complete, I will send you an email with a link to the first draft of the album.  The gallery will be similar to your photo gallery.  Click on the image to enlarge to fit your screen.  An example is below.  

The image is a 'spread' or two pages.  Imagine there is a spine where the text in the image appears, see the arrow.  The albums are 'layflat' which means photos can extend over the spine.  I avoid faces in the spreads that include photographs of people.

Untitled photo

If you have changes to the album, you can get those to me in one of two ways.  

1 - click on the comments link (found at bottom right corner) 

2 - send me an email 

Include in each note:

spread description (groom prep spread, 1 ceremony, etc.), details about changes you would like to see, image numbers for any images that need to be swapped or replaced, description of each image for every change. 

Image numbers can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen size photo.  See example below.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Once you have recorded all of your changes, send them my way.  I will send a 2nd revision in about a week or two and go through this process again!

Once the album is approved and finalized, I will order it through my album printer company.  Printing can take up to 3 weeks.  There are holiday deadlines so please inquire if you need to receive an album by a specific date.

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