Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a bit more about my approach and style to wedding photography.  

I have been photographing weddings for 10+ years and I can tell you from all of this experience, no wedding is the same - or even remotely the same.  That is what I love about photographing weddings!  I love to capture the unique moments of the wedding to bring my clients back to their special day each time they look through their wedding album.

Moments such as Grandma placing a bracelet on the bride's wrist.  The same bracelet she wore on her wedding day.

Mom's joyous face as her daughter recites her vows.

A Groom seeing his Bride for the very first time.

My professional experience allows my clients to relax during the day, to know that wedding photography is something they do not need to stress about.  I work closely with my couple's to put together a timeline that allows time for them to steal away a few moments together (while I photograph, of course!) 

While my creative bridal portraits and bridal party portraits are well displayed in my portfolio, I consider traditional family portraits to be a very important part of the wedding day.  I work closely with my clients to make sure this process runs smoothly and quickly.  It is not every day that you and everyone you love are in the same room, you need to capture that!

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